The Department of Teaching + Learning in Art + Design (TLAD) occupies the 2nd floor of RISD’s Center for Integrative Technologies (CIT) in downtown Providence, the hub of the College’s graduate studies activity.  TLAD’s space provides well-equipped designated seminar rooms, study rooms, which provide each graduate student with personal workspace, exhibition space, kitchen and lounge. Study rooms provide graduate students with access to the following equipment:

  • Power Mac G5s
  • Scanners
  • Black-and-white and color printers.
  • Data projectors (mobile and overhead-capable)

In addition to the department’s facilities and equipment graduate students have access to the RISD Museum, the Nature Lab, and the Fleet Library at RISD and depending on electives chosen, specialized facilities on campus.

TLAD Foreground Image 3
An MAT student advises a teen enrolled in a Project Open Door after-school studio at RISD.