Digital + Media


Alyson Ogasian

Aly Ogasian is an artist practicing in Providence, RI. Before getting her MFA in Digital + Media at RISD, she earned a BFA in Sculpture from Queen’s University (Canada). She has exhibited internationally and been awarded residencies at Vermont Studio Center, School of Visual Arts, Montalvo Arts Center and The Arctic Circle. Her work deals with the moments between observation and perception and the space between conjecture and knowing. She is interested in exploration, expedition and the search for understanding.

Ogasian’s practice is research based and draws inspiration from the history of film and photography, astronomy and the systemized annals of science. Her work is inherently performative, as she casts herself in the role of explorer or knowledge seeker and traverses a series of scenarios that are at once deeply absurd and poetic. The glitches or errors that occur within the process of making are celebrated not only as deviations from the intended path, but also as potential points of departure for the imagination.