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Alexandra Anthony

on sabbatical 2016/17

Alexandra Anthony made her first film, Morning Born Blindly, in 1977 as part of her post-graduate work at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. A 20-minute documentary about a blind couple having their third child at home with the help of lay midwives, it won top awards at the Ann Arbor and Toronto Super-8 Film Festivals.

Since then, Anthony’s films have taken an even more personal turn. She is of Greek descent and spent her childhood in Athens, Greece and her adolescence in London, England before coming to the US to attend Wellesley College and study art history. Belonging to two cultures has always meant being both participant and observer for Anthony, and her deep interest in people and their stories found expression in non-fiction filmmaking.  

Anthony is currently working on a trilogy of films with the theme of family in crisis – true stories that are stranger than any fiction. The first, award-winning Yaya, was completed in 1984 and shown in festivals internationally; the second, Lost in the Bewilderness, was completed in 2014 and recently won an Odysseus Award for Best Creative Documentary at the 2015 London Greek Film Festival; and the third, Three Pomegranate Seeds, will soon be in post-production. Anthony is particularly intrigued by the parallels of these contemporary stories with Greek myth and tragedy – it’s in her DNA.

A true independent filmmaker, Anthony directs, produces, shoots, records sound, edits, writes and narrates her own work. She was also a film, video and Avid editor for over 20 years for PBS’s award-winning series Nova, Frontline and numerous specials for national and international broadcast. Her work earned her several Emmy and Peabody awards. Among the highlights of her freelance work has been working as a sound recordist with independent filmmakers in Ethiopia, Bangladesh and Mongolia. 

Anthony has been an adjunct professor at RISD since 1996. She loves learning from the students in her Live Action Senior Degree course and has been nominated twice for the Frazier Award for Excellence in Teaching.

Academic research/ areas of interest

  • Classical Mythology
  • Linguistics/Languages
  • Travel to remote corners of the world
  • Underwater exploration
  • World Cinema
  • Human Rights