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James Wolpaw


An Academy Award Nominee for his documentary Keats and His Nightingale: A Blind Date (1985), Jim Wolpaw has been an independent filmmaker for over 30 years. In addition to Keats his films include Cobra Snake for a Necktie (Showtime, 1980), a portrait of rock and roll legend Bo Diddley; the feature comedy Complex World (Hemdale, 1992); Loaded Gun: Life, and Death, and Dickinson- (PBS, 2003), a whimsical consideration of the poet Emily Dickinson, recently named by Booklist as one of its “Ten Best Poetry Films”; and First Face: The Buck Starts Here (PBS , 2011), a ‘biography’ of Gilbert Stuart’s “dollar bill” portrait of George Washington.

Current projects include Best Judgment: Ladd School Lessons, an examination of Rhode Island’s (now closed) institution for the developmentally disabled; Famous in the Neighborhood, an experimental documentary on the late poet and activist Daniel Thompson; and Sweet Velocity, a narrative feature (with producer Jamie Gordon).