Film / Animation / Video


John Terry

An independent filmmaker who has made more than 28 films, John Terry has taught at RISD, Yale, the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee and MIT, where he was instrumental in founding the film/video program. For more than two decades he has mentored RISD’s FAV students and taught such classes as Intermediate Film Production, Autobiographical Film and Video and Sound for Film and Video. In 1999 and 2004 Terry was a visiting artist at the American Academy in Rome, where he first served as a lecturer in 1975. He served as RISD’s acting associate provost in the late 1990s, was Film/Animation/Video department head from 1995–2001 and dean of fine arts from 2002–09.

Early in his career, Terry produced and filmed major portions of An American Family, a 12-part public television series on the Loud family of California. This series was a forerunner of reality TV and the first instance of a documentary coming out on television. Terry was the cinematographer for Les Lolos de Lola, a French feature comedy produced by Francois Truffaut and starring Jean Pierre Leaud. For many years, he worked with John Marshall on a series of films on the !Kung bushmen of Namibia. Other credits include numerous films on art and architecture, such as Palladio the Architect and His Influence in America and Frank Stella at the Fogg, both distributed by the Museum of Modern Art in NYC. Terry was director of photography for Miss BlindSight/The Wingwall Auditions, an award-winning documentary. Most recently he released two films featuring street photography of public space in Rome.