Experimental and Foundation Studies


Alba Corrado

I was born and grew up in Poughkeepsie, New York.  Between my two degrees—MFA, Sculpture, and BFA, Painting—I married and gave birth to my daughter, Allison Paschke.  Aided by a grant from the Bunting Institute, I made the switch from Painting to Sculpture.  At the University of Illinois, my mentor, the figurative sculptor, Frank Gallo, reminded me that I had always wanted nothing more or less than to make something beautiful.  As a figurative sculptor, I first cast my work in translucent, pigmented polyester resin, a medium that required high resolution and polish and gained me the desired quality of a film still.  Health and environmental concerns made me abandon this material in favor of materials like cast stone, bronze, and more recently, low fire earthenware.  Lately the focus is on Hecate, ancient Greek goddess of witches, crones & wise women, seen in the iconic format of altar pieces, shrines, and censers.  Materials are low-tech—slip cast or hand-built clay surfaced with pigmented "Terra Sigillata," beads, drawn patterns, and metal leaf.  As RISD’s calligrapher, it is my good fortune to letter graduates’ names on the famous Benson diploma.  Alternately, I design, letter and often illuminate full texts of citations and certificates.  As a teacher in RISD’s Foundation Studies, I am committed to sharing my knowledge and experience of core 3D design issues, as well as legacy processes, with the most gifted and intelligent students on the planet.  Not least, a substantial part of my creative exercise in spring and summer is as an organic gardener.