Experimental and Foundation Studies


Cynthia Beth Rubin

Cynthia Beth Rubin is a new media artist whose works frequently evoke cultural memories and the imagined past by intertwining photographic elements in complex layers of representation and abstraction. Recently, Rubin's work has shifted from explorations of the vestiges human history into conversation with Nature. She is interested in how Nature affects our built environment, and how both the microscopic plankton and the macroscopic landscape are part of our world.

Rubin began experimenting with digital media in the early 1980’s. The transition from painting to the electronic arts prompted new experimentation in both subject and formats of presentation of her imagery. Working in still images, moving images, and with inter-activity, Rubin now works independently and in collaboration.

Rubin’s work has been exhibited and screened in such diverse venues as the Jewish Museum in Prague, and opening night of the both the San Francisco and the Boston Jewish Film Festivals, the Pandemonium Festival at the ICA in London, the Lavall Gallery in Novosibirsk, the DeLeon White Gallery in Toronto, and numerous editions of ISEA, ArCade and SIGGRAPH. Winner of the first award in New Media from the Connecticut Commission on the Arts, she has been awarded this grant three times. Other awards and residencies include the New England Foundation for the Arts, Videochroniques in Marseilles, CYPRES in Aix-en-Provence, and the Memorial Foundation for Jewish Culture. A believer in artist-organized-art, Rubin organized the Cultural Heritage Artists Project for the Orchard Street Shul in New Haven, Connecticut.

Her work has been written about in publications throughout the world. Her 1988 digitally designed mural, created under the Arts in Public Spaces program of the Connecticut Commission on the Arts, was featured in an article by Martin Rieser in Printmaking Today. Other articles and television interviews have been appeared in Korea, Japan, the Netherlands, France, and Brazil. Her work is discussed extensively in The Computer in the Visual Arts by Anne Morgan Spalter, and is among the artists featured in The Art of the Digital Age by Bruce Wands, Painting the Digital River by James Faure Walker, and several other publications.

An active member of the Digital Arts community, she Chaired the Committee to develop the Award for Lifetime Achievement in Digital Art of ACM-SIGGRAPH, and served as Chair of the Art Awards Committee for the first three years of the Award. Rubin currently serves on the ACM-SIGGRAPH Digital Art Committee. She has served as vice-president of ISEA, the Inter-Society for the Electronic Arts, and was a member for the CAA Committee of Electronic Information, as well as co-author of the CAA Guidelines for Faculty in New Media.

Rubin is a native of Rochester, New York, USA, and holds degrees from Antioch College (BA) and the Maryland Institute, College of Art (MFA). She has been on the faculty of Frostburg State College, Connecticut College, and the University of Vermont, and currently is affiliated with the Rhode Island School of Design. Rubin is based in New Haven, Connecticut, not far from New York City.