Foundation Studies


Leslie Hirst

Leslie Hirst is on sabbatical for the 2013–14 academic year.

Leslie Hirst is a visual artist who works in a variety of media to explore the meaning of materiality. Using found objects, she deconstructs the repetitive symbols and messages of everyday experience, then reconfigures, embellishes and elevates these objects to reflect the complexity of an interconnected world. Her compositions and installations suggest a type of mapping of the human environment, referencing street plans and passageways as a means for navigating an inhabited landscape. Hirst comes by these sensibilities instinctually, through her experience as a distance runner, as the elements of time and the traveled path form an indelible connection to the earth and a definition of “place.”

Academic research/ areas of interest

“For the first time, I am bridging my work as a fine artist with my background as a graphic designer. My current projects examine the way in which the visible word is woven into the social context of societies. I am exploring the role of materiality of the written word through the semiotics of visual art based on graffiti writing. These works play upon the subjects of vanity, ritual and nostalgia that are ensconced by the written word, while they question legibility, communication and censorship of language.”