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    New Grads Commence with Confidence

    On Saturday, June 1, 659 undergraduate and graduate students collected their hard-earned diplomas at RISD’s 2013 Commencement ceremony.

    Under the Arctic Ice

    Glass graduate Mara Streberger MFA 12 GL has been exploring Inuit culture as part of her Fulbright year abroad in Greenland and Denmark.

    Picturing Infinity

    The first comprehensive museum survey of work by glass alum Josiah McElheny 89 GL is attracting well-deserved attention at Boston’s Institute of Contemporary Art.

    Hermès Creative Director Critiques Grad Work

    As a graduate program guest critic in Glass and Furniture Design, Pierre-Alexis Dumas, chief creative officer at Hermès, was impressed with the experimentation, craftsmanship and passion RISD students pour into their work.

    Bright Lights, Bold Collaboration

    San Francisco-based alumni and entrepreneurs Lauren Geremia 04 PT and Jess Wainer 04 GL team up to light up the Bay Area.