Workspaces + Tools

  • Facilities + Equipment

    The Glass department provides its students with a thorough technical foundation and broad resources for specialized material exploration. An extensive custom facility offers a full range of glassworking processes (see below). Among its various refinements are a half-ton continuous-melt glass furnace, a 500-lb. casting furnace, 22 computer-programmed process ovens, a well-developed coldworking facility and individual studio space for graduate and undergraduate students.

    Hot Shop

    • Continuous melt furnace (1000-lb. capacity)
    • Casting furnace (500-lb. capacity)
    • Three glory holes
    • Three benches with compressed air stations
    • Mobile pipe cooler
    • Gas-fired pipe warmer
    • Two large front-loading annealing ovens
    • Two top-loading annealing ovens
    • Three pick-up ovens
    • One front-loading sculpture annealing oven (for solid work)
    • Rolling metal boxes & ladles for sandcasting
    • Oxy-propane bench torch
    • Natural gas-fired garage
    • Sand casting equipment (ladles, metal boxes, acetlyne)
    • Two Digitry GB5 controllers
    • One Watlow 981 controller

    Kiln Room

    • Two small kilns
    • Three small stacker ovens
    • Four medium ovens
    • Two large ovens
    • One car kiln
    • One bell kiln
    • Two Digitry GB5 controllers
    • Nederman downdraft de-molding table

    Cold Shop

    • Clipper diamond cut-off saw
    • Covington diamond cut-off saw
    • Somaca glass drill press
    • Two Somaca roller platen vertical belt sanders
    • Three diamond flatting wheels
    • One large Steinert flatting wheel
    • Two Somaca polishing wheels
    • Four grinding/cutting lathes & diamond wheels
    • Two Merker cutting lathes
    • Two Foredom flexible-shaft engraving stations
    • Merker engraving lathe
    • Two Tornado I & II air-powered diamond shaping tools
    • Two Starlite hand-held etching/grinding tools
    • Two Rose Industries Recipro-lap automatic polishing machines
    • American ultraviolet curing lamp
    • UV gluing station
    • Polarizing lamp

    Sandblasting Room

    • Zero Mfg. Co. #BN 65-1 sandblaster
    • Cyco-Blast industrial sandblaster

    Plaster Room

    • Hoffman RPGH-15 steam machine

    Additional Equipment

    • Carlisle and Bethlahan bench burners