Research Assistantships

Graduate students participate in in faculty-guided or -directed research as GS | Research Assistants. Assistantships provide compensation, but are also meaningful educational experiences that give graduate students the opportunity to contribute to the creation of new knowledge. Students typically work with an individual or groups of full- or part-time faculty members. 

Recent GS | Research Assistants have worked on a wide range of projects, including: 

  • helping to develop an innovative web-based CAD platform to simplify digital weaving
  • exploring a bio-molecular sensor system to detect arsenic in drinking water
  • researching recipes and techniques for iridescent glazes used during the Art Nouveau period
  • experimenting with the use of photovoltaic fabric to further clean, renewable energy technology
  • doing summer field studies to track climate change 





Grad Studies Foreground Image 5
A gallery visitor checks out one of the many interactive installations often found at the grad shows.