Student Galleries

Most academic departments at RISD operate on-site galleries to showcase student work. In addition, graduate students consistently show in two key galleries on campus, the Sol Koffler Graduate Student Gallery downtown and the Gelman Student Exhibitions Gallery on the second floor of the Chace Center. 

Sol Koffler offers a series of rotating exhibitions primarily featuring graduate student work by department, with occasional thematically focused shows. Graduate students are especially active in the Gelman Gallery space, where they’re given the important opportunity to curate exhibitions of student work that they conceive of and organize on their own. These exhibitions get extra exposure due to the location of the Gelman Gallery – just below the entrance to the RISD Museum and one floor up from the popular risd|works store, meaning the space is open to the public and gets a lot of foot traffic.

Many graduate programs at RISD also facilitate student exhibitions off campus – at galleries in Chelsea, Soho, the DUMBO area of Brooklyn and other art hubs in New York. Departments such as Digital+ Media, Furniture Design, Glass, Painting, Photography, Printmaking, Sculpture and Textiles have all sponsored a range of exhibitions in Boston or New York in recent years.

Grad Studies Foreground Image 2
Installations such as this cascading pile of tortillas share gallery space with multimedia works in the grad show.