Experimental and Foundation Studies


Nikki Juen

Nikki Juen is a designer, educator and artist interested in the spaces where these practices overlap. A graduate of RISD’s Graphic Design department, she is a founding and core faculty member of the MFA in Graphic Design program at Vermont College of Fine Arts.

While working with students, she aims to continuously rethink graphic design and the role of design in the larger culture. Her studios and workshops focus on image creation through drawing and repetition and recognize learning as an act of cognition, rather than a transfer of information. She finds delight in applying these methods to both the precise pursuits of graphic design and toward broader applications of design thinking.

Juen has professional experience at leading firms in Providence and Boston as well as an active practice in making and exhibiting drawings and encaustic paintings. Within the discipline of graphic design, rules are followed and bent to create content, structure and meaning. In deliberate contrast to this process, Juen’s personal work in the painting studio explores the absence of rules, relying on repetitive actions and multiples to direct each outcome. Her art and design work inform and filter through one another. As a graphic designer, she is inspired by painters and textiles, while in the painting studio, typography tends to find its way to the surface.

Juen’s award-winning professional practice in graphic design creates relationships on paper, with pixels and between people. Clients include Keen Footwear, the van Beuren Charitable Foundation, Middlebridge School, Mayo Surfboards, RISD, Aquidneck Farms, Tyler Smith and the Roger Williams Museum of Natural History.