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Bonnie Epstein Silverman

Dr. Epstein received her undergraduate degree in Geology/Biology from Brown University and her Ph.D. in Geological Oceanography from the University of Rhode Island.  Her interests lie at the junction of science, art and education.  As a principal investigator for the New England Aquarium (Boston), she helped develop, implement and evaluate programs and exhibits for informal scientific education for over seven years.  During that time, she served as director for the New England Aquarium's Newport Exploration Center - a small science museum in Newport, RI currently run by Save The Bay - and lead the Aquarium's NSF-funded exhibit on jellyfish as environmental indicators (Amazing Jellies).  She currently teaches a design-solution based geology course at RISD entitled "Environmental Disasters".  She also founded and continues to work on the Rhode Island Museum of Science and Art (RIMOSA), an initiative to create a hands-on, interactive museum in Rhode Island to inspire curiosity in older children and adults.


Academic research/ areas of interest

Dr. Epstein is currently focused on the power of images to educate and influence public opinion on scientific issues, as well as the efficacy of hands-on, open-ended Informal Science Education in inspiring curiosity and continued interest in experimentation.