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Ned Dwyer

Ned Dwyer is currently teaching courses on the art and architecture of ancient Mexico and Loot. He began teaching at RISD in 1971 and has also taught at California State College in Hayward, the Institute of American Indian Art in Santa Fe, NM and the University of San Antonio Abad in Peru. He served as RISD’s dean of Liberal Arts from 1986–95, associate provost from 1995–2000 and associate provost for student affairs from 2000–08. He also consults and curates on ethnographic and pre-Columbian art at a variety of museums, including the RISD Museum, the de Young Museum in San Francisco, the Boston Museum of Fine Arts and the Baltimore Museum of Art. He has contributed to a variety of publications including, most recently, In Thinking about the Elgin Marbles (Kluwer Law Press, 2000) and Textile Traditions of Mesoamerica and the Andes (University of Texas Press, 1996).