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Susanna Bohme

Susanna Bohme brings an interdisciplinary approach and transnational perspective to her teaching and research on the social and environmental history of the United States. Her current book project, Unequal Exposures: The Transnational History of a Toxic Pesticide is under contract with University of California Press. A history of the pesticide chemical DBCP in the US and Central America, Unequal Exposures explores the production of health inequalities and worker resistance in late 20th and early 21st century globalization.

A lecturer in HPSS at RISD and in History and Literature at Harvard University, Susanna holds a PhD in American Studies from Brown University.

Academic research/ areas of interest

US History, 1865-present

Environmental history

Labor history

History of public health

20th century Central America

US/Latin American relations

Transnational social movements