Shanth Enjeti

Shanth (sh-ôn-th) Suresh Enjeti was born in the United States in 1976.  Shanth is the son of an Indian immigrant and an American woman of Puerto-Rican/Austrian descent (born in Italy).  Shanth began taking trips to India at the age of two, and travel to Europe's historic sites on the way to Austria to visit family, would soon follow. Fueled by these experiences and his diverse background Shanth's early fascination with art, aesthetics and mythology blossomed.

In spite of his fascination with the arts, Shanth received very little in the way of formal training during his formative years and instead focused on academics in his schooling. Shanth's parents nurtured his interests with books on drawing anatomy and composition design.  Every minute not doing academic work was devoted to honing these skills.  Shanth's first exposure to rigorous formal training came when he was accepted for study to Rhode Island School of Design, shortly after completing his first professional illustration job.

Shanth has spent the last several years teaching at Rhode Island School of Design and Montserrat College of Art, as well as working as an illustrator and designer for a variety of clients both international and domestic; from IPGRI in Rome to Quatro Publishing in London, and from Dreamworks Animation in California to Hasbro in his home state of Rhode Island. Shanth's self-published work has also been featured in several books on the field of art and design, and his lectures on mythology and character design have been presented at MIT, Microsoft and Turbine Inc..

Now, living in historic Bristol, Rhode Island, Shanth spends his time living by the bay with his wife Lauren, and his twins Aidan and Priya.