Campus Compact

Rhode Island Campus Compact (RICC), an affiliate of a national organization founded in Rhode Island in 1985, is a statewide coalition of colleges and universities committed to teaching the values of civic engagement and public leadership. RICC actively promotes public and community service as vital components of a well-rounded college education.

Housed at RISD (in the CIT), RICC runs a number of programs that enable college students to engage in meaningful community service and other civic-minded activities. One of the best known of these programs is AmeriCorps*VISTA, a year-long AmeriCorps service program that provides for a living allowance and a Segal Education only award for college graduates who are interested in developing service and service learning programs on college campuses and in public schools throughout Rhode Island.

RICC also coordinates the Scholarships for Service program, a part-time AmeriCorps experience that offers $1000 Segal Education only awards for 300 hours of public service. Its Partnerships for Success Project is aimed at fostering productive collaborations between Rhode Island's colleges, universities and PK-12 public schools. Check the website for more information on these programs and the full range of opportunities available.

RI Campus Compact

 RI Campus Compact

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In a studio called Design Science students explore geometric patterns and relationships, in part by constructing models.