Workspaces + Tools

  • Facilities + Equipment


    Undergraduate sculpture students share the historic four-story Metcalf Building with the departments of Ceramics, Jewelry + Metalsmithing, Glass and Furniture Design as well as the Metcalf Store – a supply store for lumber, clay, hardware and other bulky materials.

    Sculptors share three studios, each equipped with bandsaw, chop saw, drill press and workbenches. Undergraduates have 18-hour access to their studios and access to the wood and metal studios during monitored hours. Our full-time technician oversees and maintains the wood and metal studios.

    The department has a wood studio that includes a table saw, 20-inch band saw, panel saw, drill press, 48-inch lathe, 20-inch disc sander, 8-inch jointer, 20-inch planer and a large-scale plastic vacuum forming machine. There is a dedicated robotics lab with 15 workstations, and sculpture students share access to Mac and PC workstations in the Fine Arts Division computer labs. Students also have access to an industrial sewing machine, several hot wire tools and many other specialty tools.

    Our metal studio includes a state-of-the-art ceramic shell foundry, an iron worker, 4-foot power roll, 30-inch band saw, horizontal band saw, 20-inch disc sander, 4-foot plasma shear, two TIG welders, MIG welder, arc welders, gas and coal forges and oxyacetylene welding. Hand-forming tools include Hosfeld and Di-Acro benders and a large English wheel. A forklift, inside and outside cranes and oversized doors facilitate moving large objects.

    Graduate students have 24-hour access to their private and semi-private studios in an interdisciplinary studio building with Painting, Printmaking, Glass and Photography grads. Sculpture graduate students also have a wood shop, computer lab and print shop in the building as well as access to the Metcalf facilities.