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John Chamberlin

Associate Professor John Chamberlin has long been dedicated to the continuing professional development of Rhode Island’s art teachers — especially in the City of Providence. As Co-Director of a departmental initiative Project New Directions in Art Education, Chamberlin was responsible for the Literacy through the Arts curriculum development grant program for Providence’s public elementary schools. Professor Chamberlin’s research centers on an examination of gender and sexuality and their impact on meaning in the visual arts. Chamberlin is particularly interested in providing K-12 teachers with strategies to introduce this subject matter into their classrooms. Active in local, regional and national art education politics, Chamberlin is a longtime member of the Rhode Island Art Education Association and has served many roles, including that of president (2001-03). Since 1996 he has been involved with the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender Issues Caucus of the National Art Education Association. Chamberlin is also a practicing ceramic tile maker.