Health Insurance

RISD policy requires all enrolled students to be covered by a comprehensive health insurance program.  The College meets this requirement by providing United Health Care coverage, administered by University Health Plans. Students are automatically billed and will be enrolled in the student health insurance plan if a valid waiver is not completed by the required deadline. Once the waiver is approved, the health insurance charge will be removed from the student account.

All international students will be enrolled in the plan automatically, with the exception of the international students for which their health insurance company’s primary home office is based in the US and the policy provides comparable coverage to the College’s student health insurance plan. International students who do not fall under those conditions must purchase the College’s plan.

All other students enrolled in a comparable health insurance program may elect to waive the College plan by submitting an online waiver on or before the bill due date. Those that fail to submit the online waiver will automatically be enrolled in the coverage. The waiver must be completed each academic year.

If health insurance coverage is lost due to a qualifying event and enrollment is now necessary, please contact University Health Plans at 1-800-437-6448. For questions regarding the insurance coverage, or to complete the online waiver, please visit


In a studio called Design Science students explore geometric patterns and relationships, in part by constructing models.