Devers Makes Design Entertaining

Devers Makes Design Entertaining

Artist/designer Amy Devers MFA 01 FD is becoming an increasingly familiar face on TV, always ready to remind viewers of the value of good design. A veteran of cable shows Trading Spaces (TLC), Freeform Furniture (DIY), Blog Cabin (DIY) and DIY to the Rescue (DIY and HGTV), in spring 2010 she began co-hosting Fix This Yard on A&E and hosting Designer People on the contemporary culture channel Ovation TV. Devers describes her Ovation TV gig as a “dream job” since it allows her to interview a different cutting-edge designer each episode. Already, she has had fascinating discussions with Australian furniture and product designer Marc Newson, multifaceted Dutch designer Marcel Wanders and Iraqi-born architect Zaha Hadid on the show.

In addition to her TV work, Devers runs a design/build studio in Los Angeles, is working towards earning LEED certification and is writing a book. She also continues to sculpt; design, make and exhibit furniture; and do finish carpentry. She loves to work with wood, upholstery, metal and plastics, among others, and has a particular interest in making something from nothing – working with unexpected materials and found objects to underscore her fundamental belief in recycling.

“We love working with Amy because she’s not only a fantastic host, she’s a designer in her own right,” says Kris Slava, senior VP of programming for Ovation. “We’re always looking for credibility along with on-screen talent and Amy is that rare and wonderful combination of both. She is an essential part of the series and manages to bring substance and knowledge to every design topic covered.”

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