Jennifer Howley

Kathryn Howley completed her PhD in 2015 in the Egyptology department at Brown University, where she specialized in the art and material culture of ancient Egypt and Sudan. Her doctoral dissertation assessed how the degree and nature of the interactions between Egypt and Nubia in the first millennium BC can be read through material culture, using an analysis of the contents of the little-known royal pyramid tombs at the site of Nuri in northern Sudan to provide a more balanced view of Nubia’s role in intercultural contact in the ancient world. She has completed extensive fieldwork in museums and on archaeological sites in Sudan and in Egypt and is currently revising her dissertation into a book manuscript.

Howley is also particularly interested in Museum Studies and the place of archaeological artifacts in American art museums. She has held positions at the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston, the Metropolitan Museum of Art and the RISD Museum, where she has been teaching with the collections in various capacities for the past five years.

  • BB, East Carolina University