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White Tie Show at RISD Exposé Gallery


 The Crème of Student Art and Design Work for Sale, Opening November 29th

Providence, R.I. – This November 29th at 7 PM, RISD’s Exposé Gallery unveils its annual White Tie Show at their brand new permanent location downtown at 204 Westminster.  Stunning art and design work by students and alumni will be on display accompanied by refreshments and live music.

Each year Exposé pulls together the best of Rhode Island School of Design’s (RISD) emerging talent for the public to see and purchase. The gallery started as a month-long pop-up three years ago as a unique venue for students to showcase their work.

“Exposé was born because students felt they needed a place to show & sell their work in a professional way”, says Emily Jenne (RISD ’13 Printmaking) & Sarah Lammer (RISD ’13 Printmaking) Exposé’s co-directors.. “They needed a space that was somewhere between a craft sale table and a stuffy white cube gallery… and that didn’t exist at RISD until Exposé.”

The gallery is entirely student run and presents a valuable platform where students can learn how to promote their work in a professional setting before they leave school.  Through Exposé, students learn how to work with galleries, price and install their own work, as well as how to present themselves as creative professionals after graduation.  Students working and volunteering for Exposé not only learn how to run an art space, but gain valuable experience in self-presentation, curation, communication, and art business skills.

RISD is home to so much budding art and design talent, and students here have a unique perspective on the current art and design world. They have a finger on the pulse of the most contemporary aesthetics and a feel for what will happen in the next 10 and 20 years in their field, when their generation of artists and designers will come to the forefront.  Exposé gives the public a sneak peek at fledgling artists and designers who may become big names in their respective fields.

We want to make the work that students are making at RISD accessible for everyone. Exposé is the only place the public can buy RISD student work. “People tend to undervalue the role of buyers and collectors, but they are half of the equation”, says Jenne (RISD ’13 Printmaking) Exposé Co Director. ”Without a passionate audience, art could not exist.”

This year has marked a big change for the gallery, which is situated for the first time in a year-round space downtown at 204 Westminster.  This was made possible through collaboration with another prominent student-run organization, RISD 2ndLife, a materials upcycling and reuse center, as well as generous funding from the Center for Student Involvement at RISD.  Working out of the same space, 2ndLife and Exposé thrive off each other’s connections and materials.  Together, they hope to make a permanent RISD student-run presence downtown, available to students and the Providence public.  Moving from a pop-up gallery to a more permanent gallery off-campus gives Exposé opportunity to host more events, as well as more ability to reach out to the Providence community, linking RISD students with the goings-on at other local venues and spaces, and building ties between students, alumni, and community.

Exposé will be hosting a barrage of events throughout the year such as student film screenings, art parades, rotating art shows, block parties, and workshops. Non-exclusive and ever-flexible, Exposé’s atmosphere is not defined by any individual show, event, or workshop, but by the collection of everything that passes through the space.     

“Exposé hosts shows and events that cross disciplines, spark collaborations, and bring students and community together,” say Jenne (RISD ‘13 Printmaking) and Lammer(RISD ’13 Printmaking) Exposé’s co directors. “People are so excited about what we’re doing and we want to use that momentum to create as many new opportunities as possible.”

Fall hours at Exposé are: Tuesday-Thursday 11:30-6:30 and Saturday-Sunday 1:00-5:00. More details at

About RISD

Rhode Island School of Design (RISD) has earned an international reputation as the leading college of art and design in the United States. Approximately 2,400 students from around the world study at RISD, pursuing full-time bachelor’s or master’s degree programs in a choice of 19 studio majors. RISD is known for its phenomenal faculty of artists and designers, the breadth of its specialized facilities and its hands-on, studio-based approach to learning – one in which critical thinking informs making works by hand. Required courses in the liberal arts provide an essential complement to studio work, enabling graduates to become critical and informed individuals eager to engage with the world. Through the accomplishments of its 26,000 alumni, the college champions the vital role artists and designers play in satisfying the global demand for innovation. Founded in 1877, RISD (pronounced “RIZ-dee”) and the RISD Museum of Art help make Providence, RI among the most culturally active and creative cities in the region. For more information, visit or




Emily Jenne & Sarah Lammer

Exposé Co-Directors

204 Westminster Street, 1st Floor, Providence, RI, 02903

The men in this 1903 portrait class were serious about the business at hand.