risdbucks Program

risdbucks is an optional prepaid debit account developed to be a convenient and safe way for students to make purchases of products and services both on and off campus (wherever you see the risdbucks logo when making purchases). The account functions much like any other bank debit card, with two major differences:
1/ funds deposited in the account may only be used on campus or at participating merchants
2/ cash withdrawals are prohibited

risdbucks don’t expire, meaning you can roll over funds by semester and academic year. The account allows you to view transaction history, report a lost (or found) card* and view real-time account, meal plan and bonus dining points balances.

To deposit funds, log into risdbucks.risd.edu via your desktop or web-enabled mobile device using your RISD username and password. Choose a dollar amount and a source for the funds. You can also request funds from generous family members and/or friends.

In addition, funds may be added by presenting your RISD ID to a cashier – along with cash or a check – at The Met, Portfolio Café, the risd:store and/or the risd:store 3D. You can add deposits to your dining bonus points at The Met and Portfolio.

Where to use risdbucks 

For a full list of participating merchants, log into risdbucks.risd.edu and search for venues.

Terms & conditions
risdbucks will remain on a student’s account until graduation. After graduation balances over $25 will be refunded automatically. Refunds will be sent to the billing address on file. risdbucks balances below $25 are nonrefundable.

Students who leave RISD for other reasons may request a refund of risdbucks through the Card Services office (located at 48 Waterman Street). risdbucks accounts that are inactive for 18 months and show balances of $25 or more will be refunded automatically. Refunds will be sent to the billing address on file. risdbucks accounts that are inactive for 18 months but show balances under $25 are nonrefundable.

risdbucks accounts do not allow for cash withdrawals and funds remaining are nontransferrable.

* Reporting your card lost will immediately lock down the funds associated with your account. You are strongly encouraged to report a lost or stolen card to RISD Public Safety or Card Services as soon as possible to prevent someone from using your card to access campus buildings.

where to use risdbucks

risdbucks are accepted at:
risd:store & risd:store 3D
CVS Pharmacy, E. Providence, RI (24hr location)
Corporate Limousine/Cab (24hr taxi service)
Concept Link, Ltd (printing service)

and these RISD Dining locations:
The Met
Portfolio Café
Jolly Roger Café
Watermark Café
Carr Haus Coffee Shop

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