2015 Summer Housing Programs


All current students planning to stay on campus for the summer live at Charles Landing.  Students must complete the Summer 2015 Housing Application on the housing portal by May 1.

Students move into their summer apartment on June 1 and move to their fall assignment on August 22.

Summer Housing Fee: $2,010



Summer Experimental and Foundation Studies is a program for transfer and graduate students that runs from June 19 - August 2.

Summer Experimental and Foundation Studies Room and Board Rates

Room Type




Shared Room 




Single Room 




Private Apartment 




Find information about Experimental and Foundation Studies Orientation here: RISD 2015 Summer Orientation

Overnight Parking

Long-term parking spaces at Charles Landing may be rented for $10 per day, $60 per week or $300 for a six-week summer program. Parking passes are available at the Residence Life Office at 30 Waterman Street.



This program is administered tby RISD Continuing Education. For details and information, please refer to the Pre-College website.



These two-, three- or six-week programs are administered by RISD Continuing Education and run from June 27 - August 8.

How to Apply for Housing

After you have applied and been accepted to the program, the Residence Life Office will email details and instructions for applying for housing. To begin the process, all Pre-College and Summer Studies students must follow the directions and link sent via email.

Summer Room and Board Rates

Housing and dining fees for six-week stays are identical to those for the Summer Experimental and Foundation studies six-week program (see above).  Stays of less than six weeks incur the following fees:

Room Type

Fee per week

Meals per week

Total per week

 Shared Loft w/ 5-meal block 




Shared Loft w/ full meal plan




Private Loft (w/5-meal plan) 




Private Loft (w/full meal plan) 






Gender-inclusive Housing

We do not restrict roommate pairings based on sex, gender identity or gender expression. This means that any student can choose to live with one another, regardless of sex, gender identity or gender expression, in a shared room. However, the Residence Life Office will only honor a request mutually made by all parties.  If you are interested in gender inclusive housing option we can provide you with a personal and confidential assessment of the available options. Please email Associate Director of Residence Life; Josh Peipock at jpeipock@risd.edu.

Meal Plans

All summer students are required to have a meal plan during their stay. Students living in Traditional or Suite style rooms must have a Full Meal Plan.  Students in Apartment style Housing may choose to have a five meal per week plan.

Special Accommodations

Students who have medical, psychological or disability related conditions may apply for a housing accommodation. The submitted request and supporting documentation are reviewed carefully on a case by case basis by the Medical Accommodation Committee. Documentation consists of a written evaluation by an appropriate professional (not a relative of the student) that explains the nature of the condition and why the condition results in a need for housing accommodation(s). Students must complete all forms in their entirety and submit them to the Residence Life office, each summer before the deadline of June 8th or soon after identifying the need (based on date of diagnosis, change in status, etc.). Part of the committee's consideration is the written documentation by the treating professional. A follow‐up conversation with the student and the treating professional by a member of the Health Services and/or Counseling staff may be necessary in some instances. Residence Life and RISD cannot guarantee that students will be provided their preferred accommodation choices, but if a student's preferred choice is not granted RISD will provide equally effective alternatives subject to limitations as outlined in the Student Handbook or our wellness section

The forms can be found at the top of the sidebar on this page.

Long-term parking spaces at Charles Landing may be rented for $10 per day, $60 per week or $300 for a six-week summer program. Rentals are arranged at the Residence Life office.

Furniture Design students walk along the riverfront, carrying their projects to class.