Policies + Disclosures

Health and Safety Inspections

Responsibility for enforcing safety regulations and health standards is shared by the departments of Public Safety, Facilities, Environmental Health & Safety and Residence Life. Regular, periodic inspections of student rooms take place during the course of the school year. These inspections may or may not be announced in advance.

Rooms and other areas dedicated for resident use must be maintained to a minimum level of cleanliness to protect everyone’s health. Note that residents of the Benefit Street Apartments, Charles Landing Apartments and 15 West maintain each living unit’s common space, including kitchen areas and bathrooms. Conditions that jeopardize the general health or well-being of residents are not allowed. Students who repeatedly fail to maintain their space will be required to contract cleaning services through the college, at the student’s expense. If more than one student is responsible for an area, cleaning costs will be shared by all residents of the area.

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