The primary responsibilities of the Board of Trustees are to advance RISD’s mission, to provide organizational oversight and to set policy.

Officers of the Board

Michael H. Spalter, Chair
Lisa Pevaroff-Cohn 83 TX, Vice Chair
David Barclay, Vice Chair
V. Duncan Johnson, Secretary

Term Trustees  

Michael D. Allen BArch 82
Louis Beal, Life Trustee
John Beug
Erica Di Bona
Susan Dryfoos
Joe Gebbia 05 GD/ID
Robert W. Glass
Richard W. Haining, Sr.
Jon Kamen
Amy Korenvaes 74 SC
Mary Lovejoy
Stephen A. Metcalf
Susan B. Montgomery 71 AE
Nicole Miller 73 AP
Steven Perlman
Merrill W. Sherman, Chair Emerita
Sandra P. Smith BArch 69
Peter D.A. Stein
William G. Tsiaras
Margaret A. Williams

Ex-Officio Trustees

Meghan Reilly Michaud 01 GD, Past President, RISD Alumni Council
Rosanne Somerson 76 ID, Interim President, RISD 
Jeffrey Yan BArch 01, President, RISD Alumni Council

Honorary Trustees

Nancy S. Angier
Anthony C. Belluschi BArch 66
Jane Chace Carroll
Clara M. Dale BArch 75
Robert F. Dixon BArch 71
Bayard C. Ewing
Barnet Fain
Louis A. Fazzano
Anne B. Fordyce 67 SC
Peter B. Freeman
Katherine Freygang 80 IA/MFA 81 GDA
Corwin Frost 59 AR
Wilfrid L. Gates, Jr. 65 LA
Paula Koffler Granoff
Sidney F. Greenwald
William R. Hammer
Ronne Hartfield
Dorothy Hebden-Heath 57 PT
J. Kenneth Kansas 51 IL
Erma W. Leavitt 44 PT
Se-Ung Lee
David A. Macaulay BArch 69
John O.C. McCrillis 39 GD
Esther Elise Metcalf Mauran
Pauline C. Metcalf
Stuart J. Murphy 64 IL
J. Terrence Murray
Dana M. Newbrook 63 AR
Joan Ress Reeves
Jens Risom
M. Kate Rittman
Philip E. Tobey BArch 66
Armand Versaci
William J. Watkins

President’s Cabinet

Candace Baer
Vice President, Human Resources

Daniel Cavicchi
Dean of Liberal Arts (interim)

Jean Eddy *
Chief Operating Officer

Brian Goldberg
Associate Vice President, Strategic Initiatives

Eric Graage
Vice President, Institutional Engagement

Mara Hermano
Chief of Staff, Associate Vice President, Planning + Effectiveness

Steve McDonald
General Counsel

Anais Missakian
Dean of Fine Arts (interim)

Edward Newhall
Associate Vice President, Enrollment + Admissions

Patti Phillips
Dean of Graduate Studies + Research

Pradeep Sharma *
Provost (interim)

Nancy Skolos
Dean of Architecture + Design (interim)

John Smith
Director, Museum of Art

Carol Strohecker
Vice Provost

Joanne Stryker
Dean of Foundation Studies

Gregory Victory
Associate Vice President, Student Affairs

* Executive Cabinet

The façade of the Chace Center, a new multipurpose hub that opened
in 2008, offers an interesting contrast to the historic campus
buildings that surround it.