Undergraduate: BFA/BArch

As part of an art college, the Architecture department is unique among its peers, which are typically set in universities or technical colleges. Our values as artists and designers set us apart: Artistic sensibility, material reasoning, spatial cognition, critical visual thinking, symbiotic meaning/making and imagination prosper here. By studying architecture, you will learn to think critically; to design through inquiry, reflection and invention; to directly experience construction; to understand the technical demands of building; to think through drawing, making, and writing and speaking – and to be socially, sustainably and ethically responsible.

While history, theory and technical metrics are important and integral parts of the broad education our program provides, they are not the mold for your development. Instead, we recognize and emphasize the creative process as the generating source of ideas and the means of finding out what you are passionate about and exposing you to the essential nutrients for becoming an autonomous, created and known self, poised to make a difference in the world.