Undergraduate: BFA

Studying Ceramics is about much more than getting your hands dirty. It’s a rigorous, hands-on investigation of clay and its histories, along with an exploration of contemporary practices and ideas. Faculty will encourage you to let go, open up and learn to express yourself by mastering a medium that allows you to experiment with a lot of variables – throwing, building, molding, glazing, firing and developing techniques that are totally your own.

You’ll work in private and communal spaces, and use specialized tools and equipment, including workstations for handling digital images, glaze formulation and remote kiln firing. As a small department, Ceramics allows for a lot of one-on-one work with faculty, complemented by critiques, lectures, demonstrations and field trips. Ultimately, the program prepares you to become an original and highly skilled artist capable of using your creative talents and spatial design skills in a variety of meaningful ways – from making studio art, to teaching, to making products, prototypes and other 3D objects.

Ceramics Foreground Image 1