Undergraduate: BFA

Glass is a dynamic medium with limitless possibilities and a surprising amount of impact in the worlds of art and design. As a Glass major, you’ll work with professors and visiting artists in the Hot Shop and beyond to develop your skills in glass blowing, mold making, casting and cold working. Not only does this hands-on training lead to a mastery of skills, it addresses the ever-present question of how material and concept inform one another and lays the foundation for a well-rounded professional studio practice.

A small department, Glass fosters close interactions among undergraduate and graduate students as well as faculty. Studio work, critiques, seminars and both group and individual projects will allow you to engage in the exciting dialogue surrounding contemporary art, sculpture, craft and design.

One of the favorite features of the department is the Degree Program Workshop – a vibrant series of presentations by visiting artists, critics and curators. Interacting directly with an amazing range of professionals in the field offers an ideal way to learn about contemporary art, glass and professional practice.

Glass Foreground Image 2
Brett Swenson, 10, Experiments with Obsidian, obsidian