Undergraduate: BFA

From painting with pure egg-yolk tempera to creating 3D imagery for computer gaming, majoring in Illustration will challenge you to work in a wide range of traditional and digital media. You’ll hone your conceptual and image-making skills through classes focused on everything from book and web design to creating illustrations for newspaper and magazine articles, picture books, graphic novels, textbooks, comic books, games and more.

At every stage of the program, professors look for clarity of thinking backed by keen observation and strong manual skills. By mastering the ability to draw and paint meaningful images, you’ll be ready to write and illustrate books, create surface designs for products, work in web or game design, become an animator or character designer, or contribute to the visual design of the world around you through one of the many other creative paths open to Illustration majors.

Illustration Foreground Image 1
Jung ah (Violet) Kim, Chalkboard, mixed media