Interior Architecture is a Macintosh-based department, and it is the department’s policy to ensure that all students are working with the same equipment and software. To that end, all undergraduate and graduate students are required to purchase a laptop computer as specified by the department (currently the Mac BookPro; full details of equipment, charges and methods of payments are communicated to students before enrollment).

Applications currently in use in the department include:

  • VectorWorks
  • Autocad
  • Cinema-4D
  • Photoshop

Interior Architectures studios are linked to the RISD network through wireless and hard-wired connections. Students have access to a large-format printer/plotter in the department’s dedicated studio area, and a fully equipped wood shop/3D model-making facility is available in the CIT building. The Department is also part of a Shared Technologies Program within the Division of Architecture and Design, which includes a CNC machine, laser cutter and rapid prototype machine.

Interior Architecture Foreground Image 4
Aaron Lehr, BFA 10, Housing Project