Policies + Disclosures

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Damage and Vandalism

Please note that a great deal of extra time and paperwork is required to repair unnecessary damage, so there is a minimum charge of $50 for each damage-related incident. In addition, damage, vandalism or misuse of any life safety, security or emergency egress equipment carries a minimum fine of $250.  

Private Rooms: Each student is responsible for the condition of his/her room and furnishings, including the inside and outside of the room door. When a student moves into a room, a room condition report is provided to document any room issues. Please review this form carefully and make sure that it is accurate before you sign it. It will be used when you check out of your room to determine any damages, beyond reasonable wear and tear (see “Room Condition Reports” for more info). Students are financially responsible for any damage and may also face disciplinary action.

Apartment and Suite Common Areas: In multiple occupancy apartments or suites, the cost for repairs or replacements, or cleaning of living rooms, kitchens, bathrooms or other commonly shared areas is divided among all students assigned to the suite or apartment. Please note that cleaning of these areas is the responsibility of the residents. Failure to maintain acceptable cleanliness levels may result in mandated cleaning by the college. Periodic Health and Safety inspections are conducted to ensure compliance.

Public Areas: We expect some “wear and tear” to buildings where a large number of students live and work. However, repairs necessitated by damage or theft will result in associated charges being prorated among the students in the adjacent housing area. When and how repair or replacement is subsequently made is the prerogative of the college, regardless of damage billing procedure and practice.


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