Culture of Inclusivity

RISD recognizes diversity and inclusivity as fundamental to a creative community and integral to an art and design education. Just as the studio environment fosters curiosity, flexibility, empathy, imagination and progressive thinking, these are values the RISD community shares across the board. As a global community, RISD strives to:

  •  create and sustain inclusive perspectives and practices
  •  embrace and celebrate differences in its campus community
  •  attract, develop and retain a diverse population of students, faculty and staff
  •  engage with our ever-changing communities in meaningful ways


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Each of us has a story to tell. The RISDiversity: Community Narratives Project gives students, faculty and staff the opportunity to inspire others through their stories. 

Social Equity Action (SEA) Working Group

Patricia Felisa Barbeito
Professor, Literary Arts + Studies

Assistant Chair
Michael Siegel
Special Assistant to the President


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At RISD there's nothing unusual about suddenly finding a doorknob on a tree trunk, shown here across from Carr House,
the charming home of Student Life offices and the student-run Carr Haus Café.