Alina Nazmeeva


Alina Nazmeeva is an urban designer, digital artist and researcher based in Boston. She earned a Master’s in Science in Urbanism from MIT and was a fellow of the New Normal program at Strelka Institute of Media Architecture and Design. She is a lead researcher at MIT Future Urban Collectives Lab, where she designs physical and digital spaces for emerging collectives, and a researcher at MIT Real Estate Innovation Lab, studying the economies of virtual worlds and video games.

Nazmeeva’s independent artistic work focuses on VR/AR experiences, computer graphics and digital urban space. Using 3D software and gaming engines, she creates images and environments that investigate the relationship between cities and video games, digital images and spaces, CGI and politics. Her most recent work was commissioned by the Russian Pavilion at the Venice Biennale of Architecture. Her writing has been published in PLAT, Media-N, CARTHA Magazine, Perspectives, VOICES (Towards other Insititutions) and Strelka Magazine (forthcoming).