Carlos Medellin

Assistant Professor

As a citizen, Carlos Medellin has witnessed the extremes of Colombia’s armed conflict and the resulting segregation that has defined its society. As a gay man, he has experienced how dangerous it is to move through spaces shaped by absolute notions imposed on individuals’ class, race or sexuality; what does not fit in the pre-existent idea must be forced to fit or left aside. And as an architect, he has become aware that building is also to govern and that architecture is a political act that can define the ways we live and relate. That context explains why he understands the role of space as a mediator to overcome the different kinds of violence that come with deep social divisions.

Medellin is a spatial designer interested in building spaces for social engagement and individual empowerment. Through his work, he approaches design as a social practice by exploring how space can address the structural inequity that shapes our society. He has experience conceptualizing, designing and managing artistic, architectural and urban projects across the globe. He has also developed social entrepreneurship and interdisciplinary projects and participated in education as a teacher and researcher.

Fall 2022

  • ARCH-21ST-04 Advanced Studio
  • ARCH-2296-01 Directed Research Scope Seminar

Wintersession 2023

  • ARCH-2197-06 Thesis Discursive Workshop

Spring 2023

  • ARCH-21ST-03 Advanced Studio
  • ARCH-2297-01 Directed Research Seminar
  • ARCH-2298-01 Directed Research Studio
  • ARCH-3220-01 Learning From Restorative Justice: Narrative and Negotiation Practices In Space Design