Tatjana Crossley


Tatjana Crossley is cofounder of architectural and research practice ArchiTAG. The practice tackles issues of the experience of space, architecture’s impact and influence on the development of subjectivity and the production of space that challenges societal histories of discrimination. She and her partner at ArchiTAG explore technological aspects of design in order to propose new modes of perceiving and fabricating our environments. 

Crossley completed her PhD at the Architectural Association, her MArch II at Harvard’s Graduate School of Design and her BArch at Rice University. She has worked in practice for S.O.M. San Francisco and previously taught at the Architectural Association in London and as assistant professor at the Chinese University of Hong Kong. Her research focuses on the sensorial and psychological properties of immersive environments and virtual realities. She has been examining the development of the body image in relation to how the subject perceives space, themselves within it, and the “other,” using theories from psychology, philosophy, biology, technological sciences, art and architectural history.  

Fall 2022

  • ARCH-2196-05 Thesis Sem: Navigating The Creative Process
  • ARCH-21ST-06 Advanced Studio

Spring 2023

  • ARCH-2198-05 Thesis Project