Maralie Armstrong

Maralie Armstrong’s multi-mediated works emphasize the evolution of spiritual and emotional expression via technology and seduce poetics from human-machine interaction. Her research probes the multifaceted interrelationships of gender and spirituality as well as appropriated uses of technologies throughout time. Her work includes performance, sculpture, photography, video and sound.

As a performer/vocalist/dancer, Armstrong has toured over a dozen countries with the projects Valise (solo), Humanbeast, Assembly of Light, Tem Eyos Ki, Bloodhuff and Soophie Nun Squad. Her collaborations in choreography and dance have been seen in a Nick Cave Soundsuit performance, Bonedust’s Fruit of the Ash and in Hana van der Kolk’s The Third Thing. Her work has also been featured in Vice Magazine, The Fader and the RISD Museum’s online journal Manual, among other publications.

RISD faculty member Maralie Armstrong
  • MFA, Rhode Island School of Design