Abby Goodman

Critic - Experimental and Foundation Studies

Abby Goodman received her BFA from Tyler School of Art. She continued training as an iron-working apprentice in the French Alps and later at the Johnson Atelier Technical Institute for Sculpture, where she spent several years executing bronze sculptures for the public arena before completing her MFA at Syracuse University.

Dedication to a material-based practice and a nomadic nature drive her to continue to work alongside masters around the globe, collecting knowledge in exchange for labor. These experiential travels forge the basis of Goodman’s work. Subconscious memories combine with artifacts, natural elements and vibrant finishes to form an autobiographical pastiche of sculpture, painting, installation and performance. Goodman uses this illusive world as a platform to address the human condition.

Goodman’s work has been exhibited in galleries and museums both nationally and internationally, including the Galerie Aller Art, A.I.R. Gallery, Rush Philanthropic and The Metropolitan Museum of Art. She has been featured in such publications as The New York Times and New American Paintings and appeared on the cover of Studio Visit Magazine. She held a long-term position as a studio artist in the Chashama Studio Residency Program in New York City and continues to work in the city as a production designer and decorative painter.