June Yoon

Critic - Experimental & Foundation Studies

Heejoon June Yoon is a multidisciplinary artist and filmmaker. Yoon’s work revolves around web culture and feminist narratives through building an immersive audiovisual environment as a storytelling platform. Her research uncovers the ecology of traumatic experiences within web-based culture and contemporary society. In her recent work, Yoon uses her sense of humor to focus on the cycle of perception, framing and indoctrination of normality. She designs sets of unsettling audiovisual tropes and devices in various mediums so that viewers feel an unexpected sense of the monstrosity of reality. Through her audiovisual installations, reactive screens and persona performances, she brings viewers inside the logic, mechanics and flattening of personal and systemic oppression.

Yoon earned her BFA in Painting at Seoul National University in South Korea and her MFA in Digital + Media at RISD. Her films and other works have been presented internationally at such venues as the Montreal World Film Festival, Boston Cyberarts and CICA Museum in Gimpo, and in Seoul at Wooseok Gallery, Space 413 and White Noise.