Rachel Rosenkrantz

Assistant Professor

Rachel Rosenkrantz is a master luthier based in Providence, who designs and handcrafts unique stringed instruments. She has also worked for years as a furniture maker and as an industrial designer in the innovation departments of major companies. In the field of lighting, she was instrumental in developing color-changing technology, which is in great use today.

Born and raised in Montfermeil, France, Rosenkrantz studied design at ESAG-Penninghen and at RISD, where she was exposed to both fine art and applied art. Rosenkrantz’s work has been exhibited in Paris at Le Carrousel du Louvre and Le Musée d’art Contemporain du Palais de Tokyo and in Seoul, Korea at the Hangaram Museum of Modern Art. She has presented gallery talks at The Metropolitan Museum of Art and run symposiums, panel discussions and workshops at Parsons and the Worcester Polytechnic Institute, among others. Her work has been featured in Anthony Bourdain’s Raw Craft as well as Autodesk’s Design Mind.

As with her music and design, Rosenkrantz uses luthiery to combine the traditional and the new, exploring new techniques while bringing a unique perspective to a traditional idiom with a strong focus on sustainability and, in particular, biomaterials.

Fall 2022

  • FOUND-1005-11 Studio: Spatial Dynamics
  • FOUND-1005-24 Studio: Spatial Dynamics
  • ID-8965-04 Collaborative Study
  • TEXT-8965-02 Collaborative Study

Summer 2022

  • FOUND-S105-01 Studio: Spatial Dynamics

Spring 2023

  • FOUND-1006-11 Studio: Spatial Dynamics
  • FOUND-1006-24 Studio: Spatial Dynamics