Na Yon Cho

Critic FAV

NaYon Cho is an interdisciplinary artist who focuses on animation and filmmaking. Born in Seoul, South Korea, she moved frequently throughout her life. This sparked her interest in exploring the social constructs and rules fabricated to oppress human nature and how we interact with one another under this oppression. She finds animating to be the most creatively optimal medium for investigating these questions. Her animated short films have screened internationally at such festivals as CutOut Film Fest, Animation Block Party, Split Film Festival, Anima Mundi and SICAF. Her work has been shown at an invitational solo exhibition at PonetiveSpace Gallery in South Korea and the Museum of American Illustration in NYC. In addition to teaching at RISD, she works as a freelance animator for such notable clients as VICE Media, The New York Times, the Front and CMYK. She strives to create riveting narratives that captivate and provoke new thought.

Fall 2022

  • FAV-5195-01 *senior Studio: Animation

Spring 2023

  • FAV-5196-01 Senior Studio: Animation