Meada Daly-Cano

Meada Daly-Cano earned her PhD in behavioral science/psychology and her Master’s degree in human development and family studies at the University of Rhode Island. Her primary teaching focus is lifespan psychology (changes in human behavior across the age span) with an emphasis on child and adolescent development. She was certified as a National Parents as Teachers trainer and has worked as a parent coach and advocate to promote the health and well-being of women, children and families. In her free time she enjoys spending time with her family, working in her garden and creating images with analogue photography and alternative printing processes. She is currently writing an autofiction book about caregiving and dementia.

Academic areas of interest

Daly-Cano’s primary research interests examine outcomes related to individual and family support programs with an emphasis on connecting research to policy and practice. Her research interests are in the areas of parent education and self-advocacy. Her research involves evaluation of programs for mothers with postpartum depression and effective communication strategies in home visiting programs. Other lines of research include the development of a theoretical model of belonging among college students with disabilities and self-advocacy of college students with disabilities.

Specializations include:
Child development
Adolescent development
Disability studies
Program evaluation

Fall 2021

HPSS-S219-01 Understanding Models Of Dis/ability
HPSS-S232-01 Development Through The Lifespan II

Spring 2022

HPSS-S101-20 Topics: History, Philosophy, & The Social Sciences
HPSS-S220-01 Development Through The Lifespan I
  • Meada Daly-Cano
  • Lecturer - History Philosophy + the Social Sciences