Lee Moreau


Lee Moreau is the founder of Other Tomorrows, a design and strategy consultancy based in Boston. As an architect turned strategist, he combines a unique capacity for complex systems thinking with a deeply empathic perspective, which he uses to critically engage and reimagine the contemporary world. Through creative consulting engagements, Moreau helps his clients lead efforts to understand their customers’ needs and values, create new offerings and experiences, and foster cultural change within their organizations.

Moreau has led service and experience design projects for a diverse group of clients—such as Southwest Airlines, BBVA, Google, P&G, Nike, Chili’s, Kerzner International, Novartis, Mercy Health System, Kaiser-Permanente and the American Red Cross—that blur the boundaries between content and experience. Through research, analysis and imagination, he helps his clients understand their entanglement within their own complex set of cultural, material and economic circumstances. Prior to forming Other Tomorrows, Moreau was vice president of design at Continuum, director of environments at 2x4 and worked as a designer at IDEO and at the Rockwell Group.

At RISD, Moreau teaches industrial design in the undergraduate studio sequence. He is also a visiting lecturer at MIT, where he teaches human-centered design courses within MIT’s School of Architecture.