Marina Aldarondo


Marina Aldarondo is a multidisciplinary designer with over seven years of experience working in consultancies, corporations, startups and, most recently, her independent design studio. She specializes in product design, graphic design, UI/UX and illustration.

Aldarondo believes in developing creative solutions through extensive research, thorough concept ideation and a comprehensive knowledge of material and process. She is a firm believer in the power of using design as the bridge to achieve true, long-lasting value within businesses and life. Based in Providence, she has contributed as a designer at companies developing medical devices, toys for children with illness, architectural products and much more.

As a Puerto Rican, Aldarondo stands at a unique intersection between American and Hispanic/Latinx culture. Her heritage functions as a unique lens she leverages in how she experiences the world and develops design solutions. She is a RISD Industrial Design graduate who recognizes and perpetuates the meaningful impact design can have in people’s lives.