Stefano Corbo

Stefano Corbo (b. 1981) is an Italian architect, researcher and educator. He holds a PhD and a MArch II in Advanced Architectural Design from UPM-ETSAM Madrid (Escuela Técnica Superior de Arquitectura). Before joining the faculty at RISD, he taught at several academic Institutions in Europe, the Middle East and China.

Corbo has contributed to many international journals (OASE, Domus, Mark, CLOG, Plot) and has published three books: From Formalism to Weak Form: The Architecture and Philosophy of Peter Eisenman (Ashgate/Routledge, 2015), Interior Landscapes: A Visual Atlas (Images, 2016) and, recently, Notes from the Underworld (Schiffer, 2019).

In 2012 Corbo founded his own office, SCSTUDIO, a multidisciplinary network practicing public architecture and preoccupied with intellectual, economic and cultural contexts.

Academic areas of interest

Corbo’s research trajectory focuses on the comprehension of spatial and aesthetic conditions that characterize late-capitalist architectural production and that manifest in a diverse constellation of types, typologies and hyperobjects.

This direction began with his doctoral investigation—Archaeology of Infrastructures (2017)—which constituted an attempt to confront the proliferation of recent phenomena by categorizing them under an expanded and revised notion of infrastructure. Gradually, in looking at the built environment, attention was shifted towards those hidden spaces that play a subtle yet decisive role in the making of our cities and that represent the continuation, below the ground, of neoliberal spatial politics. From those premises derives his 2019 book Notes from the Underworld.

Corbo’s current work investigates the role of architecture in the so-called age of hyperobjects, extending his speculations to the scale of the city in order to rethink figure-ground relationships and processes of assemblage.

Spring 2022

INTAR-23ST-01 Advanced Design Studios
LAEL-1027-01 History Of Interior Architecture II: 1850 To Present
  • Doctorate, Universidad Polit�cnica de Madrid