Zoe Mueller

Zoë Mueller is an urban planner whose interdisciplinary work synthesizes qualitative and quantitative research to identify design imperatives and inform targeted action that is deeply rooted in local culture and political context. Her research uncovers and documents how large-scale infrastructure and industrial operations (such as highways and ports) are integrated into the fabric of urban communities, focusing on the processes by which these spaces are created and modified and how these processes each confer meaning. Her primary research agenda is to refute the notion that our infrastructural and industrial spaces are neutral, engineered systems by demonstrating how they function as places that hold meaning and are assigned meaning by the negotiations and renegotiations that shape their physical form, political function and social purpose.

Mueller graduated with a Master’s in City Planning and an Urban Design Certificate from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology with a concentration in City Design and Development. Her professional work as an urban planner spans multiple regions and sectors—spatial data analysis for energy and telecom companies in the western US states, nonprofit community development work in Cleveland, OH, academic consulting for public sector economic development initiatives in Israel and Mexico, public sector urban design review in Boston, and most recently private sector urban design and planning consulting with WRT in their Philadelphia office and now with Utile in their Providence office. Her most notable projects to date include Our Parks, Our Future park system long-range plan in Austin, TX; contributing to the ATL Zoning 2.0 zoning ordinance rewrite in Atlanta, GA; and serving as an on-call consultant to the I-195 Redevelopment District here in Providence. This diversity of experience has given her a deep understanding of how social movements and governance structures initiate, activate and animate designs. She also holds a BA in Urban Design and Cultural Geography with certificates in Environmental Studies and Social, Cultural and Critical Theory from Wesleyan University, where she received University Honors for her undergraduate thesis on the US Interstate Highway System.

Fall 2021

LDAR-22ST-02 Advanced Design Studio Elective

Wintersession 2022

LDAR-8900-04 ISP Major
black and white photo of Zoe Mueller