Elizaveta Shneyderman

Critic - Painting

Elizaveta Shneyderman is a New York-based curator, researcher and publisher working across contemporary art and media studies. She is curator at the Riga Technoculture Research Unit (RTRU), a novel artist platform commissioned by Kim? Contemporary Art Center (Riga, Latvia). Shneyderman’s essays on contemporary art and visual culture have been published in Artforum, Animation Studies Journal, BOMB Magazine, The Brooklyn Rail and Rhizome, among others.

Shneyderman is invested in a multimedia and expansive approach to research and teaching. Her interdisciplinary research focuses on the history and philosophy of media materialities and the techniques that emerge from them, including their influence on embodiment in the era of digital images. Her most recent research investigates the technical procedures behind computer-generated imagery and the effects this field of images has on its spectators, users and players. She is currently working on research about post-Soviet performance art and queer histories.

Fall 2022

  • HPSS-8900-02 HPSS Independent Study