k. funmilayo aileru

k. funmilayo aileru (pronouns xi, xem and xyrz) is a queer, Black native artist, curator and critic. Xi uses many different materials and media to work with concepts such as enslavement, dispossession and genocide. Much of xyr work examines historical and contemporary relationships between technology, Black liberation and Indigenous sovereignty. Xi experiments with transcending social constructs through speculative perspectives and criticisms.

aileru lives and works in Providence and is from the South Side. Xi is a member of the Narragansett Nation and descends from the Yoruba people of southwest Nigeria. aileru recently co-founded blackearth collective + lab and co-facilitated the design and installation of the All Black Lives Matter street mural in downtown Providence.

Fall 2021

SCULP-4783-02 Sculpture Seminar I: Methods, Materials, Makers

Spring 2022

SCULP-2238-01 Mediating Visual-media Culture
SCULP-4739-01 Junior Sculpture: Studio II
SCULP-4784-01 Research Studio I: Archives, Histories, and Urgency
SCULP-4786-01 Sculpture Seminar II: Visual and Critical Literacies
  • MFA, Rhode Island School of Design